Campus Voices, Opinion — March 20, 2018 at 10:50 am

Campus Voice: Miami Police Establishes Safe Places



Cecilia Derlon Freshman

On the 4th of October, the Miami Police leaders introduced a the MPD Safe Place Initiative. The purpose of this was to create safe places for members of the LGTBQ community, if they feel they’re in danger or could potentially be. Now, rainbow- colored stickers, representing the gay flag, will be placed on doors, windows, or in the front of stores where people could go to if they feel unsafe, and where they can find safety quickly. “It’s organic community policing. We’re partnering with businesses in our community to provide a service and a safe space for people who are vulnerable”, said Miami Police Official Llanes. While Miami hasn’t had a hate crime in over 20 years, many other big cities have had multiple, such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Houston. Miami had the bravery to take the initiative this movement, and I think other cities should follow along. It doesn’t hurt businesses or cities, so why not do it?

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