News — January 24, 2018 at 10:17 am

New Raider Squadron Club Focuses on Star Wars and Service


School’s newest club, Raider Squadron, proves to be popular with more than 50 students joining during its first year.

These members are excited to be a part of something where they can help the community and also represent their favorite Star Wars movies.

Another huge part of the club is the incorporation of community service. Members will be making their own costumes mimicking the galactic characters to visit hospitals. They will also be holding a fundraiser for the Force For Change Campaign, a foundation that helps hospitalized kids and their families.

“I’m excited to get to visit the kids in our costumes, I feel like it will be really fun to see all of their reactions once they see us,” said Senior Valentina Dahlawi.

This club has given students involved a sense of belonging that they did not have before it began. They now have a place to go to watch their favorite movies, discuss their fan theories, and play Star Wars Battlefront while also having the chance to do community service.

“I’m really happy that I was able to make this club because it created an inclusive community within our school that allows students to find a place where they belong,” said President Senior Jorge Arturo Flores.

The club plans to hold an event at the Prep on May 4th to celebrate Star Wars Day. They will decorate the school Star Wars themed and hold Battlefront 2 tournaments on the big screen in the gym throughout the day.

One can join one the club by contacting one of the officers: Jorge Arturo Flores, Santiago Ruan, Harrison Kellner, Felipe Granziera, or Ramon Llarena.

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