Opinion — October 30, 2017 at 11:03 am

Directed Study is too Directed


IMG_6247The Prep’s new addition to its schedule, Directed Study, has proven to be more of a holding area than a study hall.

Directed Study may have seemed plausible as a concept, but the execution was obliterated. Directed Study is held at different locations depending on the period, therefore not all students are getting the same experience. Some kids are crowded into the library Cloud, and the small proximity releases an air of stuffiness and discomfort. Other students placed in the cafeteria cannot concentrate because the kitchen fills the room with
the noise of pots and pans. The period is designated as an “sat environment” but that is not possible when the conditions are not agreeable.

Since Directed Study takes the place of an extra period, students are unable to pursue another elective. It is unjust to take away the opportunity for students to take another class that they feel is more important and worthy of their time. Why should students miss out on being involved in the arts and sciences because they have to attend an aimless class? This pointless class is ultimately substituting a class that could help shape students’ identities.

I have to ask, what is the point of Directed Study if students are not permitted to use resources? In my period, students are allowed to go talk to counselors, make a trip to the library, but are not allowed to go see teachers. Kids should be able to utilize their time to their advantage. Each student has something different to do, but by setting limitations, we are restrained.

Directed Study contradicts the school’s principle of college readiness. Starting this year, seniors can leave campus for lunch. It is extremely contradictory that these students are being detained, yet they are allocated the freedom to leave campus for lunch and are entrusted with the responsibility to drive a car.

Editor’s Note: Since the beginning of the school year Directed Study has been readjusted to fit more of the student’s needs. In its beginning stages, the class has had a rocky start. Through trial and error it is hoped that Directed Study will improve and reach its maximum potential.

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