District 7 County Commissioner Daniela Levine-Cava visited the Prep campus on Oct. 27 to speak at the Youth to Power Raider Seminar. Photo by Ximena Mota.

County Commissioner Daniella Levine-Cava spoke to students enrolled in the Youth to Power Raider Seminar on Oct. 27, as they worked on their community proposals to improve library resources.   The seminar, led by English teacher Adam Schachner and Physics teacher Luis Luis Fayat, is geared towards promoting youth advocacy in the local community.

Levine-Cava served as one of two advisers who discussed proper ways to communicate with County officials, as well as how to navigate ballot language.  Previously, City of Miami Commissioner Ken Russell spoke to the group on Oct. 24.

The group’s main concerns regarding the county library resources were scheduling and access to computers. Levine-Cava, an advocate who campaigned on issues involving under-resourced libraries, gave the students a guide for becoming civilly engaged.

“The first step is being informed and developing a different perspective of local current events,” said Levine-Cava. “From there, you can form a deepened connection with your local government and make your voice heard.”

Levine-Cava spoke about her efforts to ensure public trust in local government.

“There is a partnership between the people and government,” said Levine-Cava. “The opinion of the public provides the checks and balances to the democracy at the local level.”

Levine-Cava encouraged the Seminar students to inform the local government of their opinions using emotion and strong conviction.

“Emotion goes farther than facts,” said Levine-Cava. “You need something starling to gain their attention. Once you have that, you’re set.”

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